Realtor vs. Builder in Battle of the Shoddy Construction

Realtor 1 – Builder 0.

Our first time Buyer was in for quite a surprise during his first walk through to find out his l respected Builder (who shall remain nameless) thought this work was acceptable. Walk through after walk through, items remained uncorrected. So what did we do? We kept doing walk throughs and submitting pictures to corporate until every single item was corrected. The Buyer was so happy we were able to identify these issues at an early stage and ensure the Builder remediated every single issue. On closing day, his house was perfect and ready for our first home buyer to close and move in!

Don’t go through the build process alone! The Builders representative works for the Builder, not for the Buyer! There is no cost to you, as the Builder pays us. There is no savings to you, if you don’t use a Realtor, as we are paid from their marketing budget, NOT your construction budget. They are wholly unrelated!

Contact us, if you are thinking of building a home!


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